BASPI Schema

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BASPI Schema

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  1. Good start but requires much work

    That the right information needs to be in the right place at the right time is self evident

    But what is the right information?

    A taxonomy of homeholder- needed information must be devised and every property assessed against this before marketing.

    A taskforce of assessors (remember HIPS) should be established. This must not contain lawyers or quasi lawyers. Lawyers should be distrusted. For over 2 centuries they have benefitted from restrictive practices (aka “reserved matters”) without using their influence to create a system of information provision that warns their clients that rising rents might cost them out of their homes.

    They have had their chance. Conveyancing should pass to those who believe that their task is to improve the UK’s housing stock by eliminating poor information like the government is committed to eliminate cess pits and gas boilers. And have the power to impose improvements

    I favour the insurance industry that can guarantee the quality of owner/occupied and the funds to replace chains with brokerage

    Keep up the good work

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